smell more, like you.

Fumescent is an indulgent product line made from the highest quality organic ingredients. Beauty is natural and nature, unlike synthetics, is inconsistent. These products are hand produced in small batches and no two will ever be the same. They are dimensional, multi-faceted, deeply healing and intelligently alluring. It is food for the skin and art for the nose. In unison, the product line is a subtle yet powerful detoxifier of our emotional and physical bodies as the scents work to clear out the stale contents from the mind.


The skin is the boundary between the inner and outer worlds. Using nature’s botanicals on the skin is a form of natural medicine used since ancient times. These natural essences in the form of essential oils play the same function in plants as hormones play in animals. It is a primitive dialogue that encompasses reproduction, preservation of species, tissue formation and regeneration and conserving energy. We use these essences to balance and harmonize our whole endocrine system while at the same time counteracting the toxicity that is invariable to being a human being.


Fumescent engages your sense of smell which plays a primitive dialogue that can lead to a heightened intuition if strengthened. Intuition is not natural, it is developed through knowledge, experience, and meditation. This helps us sniff out the right partners, keeps us in the moment, allows us to play with magic in the mundane and inspires us to our very core. Smell is the only sense that is a portal to our nervous system and the only way our nervous system directly makes contact with our environment is through our olfactory membrane.









Our aphrodisiac perfumes are designed to align you with what is primitive, rebalancing what is natural. Each scent offers an ever expanding experience to the wearer, usually invoking emotion and memory. Scent can unlock the unconscious, enabling you to become empowered and aware of yourself in relation to the world. Soothe your senses and your nervous system with our harmonizing and tantalizing blends.



Oil is a powerful purifier and clear, glowing skin magnetizes those around you. Multi-layered, oil cleanses, revitalizes, moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates any skin type. Oil cleansing the face has been used since time immemorial to maintain glowing skin, a more vibrant you. It enhances the longevity of your skin, reduces fine lines while brightening your skin tone, and provides the deepest hydration. 

Delectable body jams sit on the skin longer than an oil base allowing the plants to penetrate more slowly into the skin. Complementary to perfumes without overwhelming their scent, Jams are used when we are dealing with the physical body and its complaints. Perfumes work more on the more subtle layers of emotions and mind while the butters work more on the physical state of the body. The result is an embodied balance within body, mind and emotions.




Your armpits release pheromones that are as unique to you as your thumbprint. All natural essences and clay work in synergy to free your pheromones and harmonize your sex scent. Each blend revolves around sultry sandalwood that contains a constituent similar to andosterone which is the underarm pheromonal secretion that acts as a sexual signal. Hand crafted for him and her to detox, enliven and harmonize your pits.

The sun is a delectable source for vitamins and minerals but sometimes we need protection. This all natural sunscreen is made with the kindest ingredients to protect and nourish you from the sun’s hot rays without the “sunscreen smell” that most products have. 


This redolence

and sweet cascade

the harmony

of chemistry


This vibrant trance

and swaying scent

a balancing

of trinity


This swirling dance

of form set free

the soul’s essence

of ecstasy


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Kat Villain is the creator of Fumescent. Obsessed with smells and all things nature she finds no greater joy than crafting home made products from healing plants. Her life is formed around preventative techniques (whether yoga, food, or skin adoring products) to stay young and youthful for as long as possible and this product line is her daily self care ritual. You can smell her as she floats by in a cloud of scents.

everything crafted one by one with love